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       Shanghai Gao Jie Green Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is engaged in environmental governance professional engineering company, since its inception, has been to high technology new technology to meet new challenges in the field of environmental pollution prevention and control, especially in terms of emissions, noise and sewage treatment, accumulation a wealth of experience. Our company has strong technical force, has a rich experience in engineering practice engineer, senior engineer, senior project manager, a professor-level senior engineer specialized technical team, set environmental governance, engineering design, construction, equipment, maintenance and running managed one with higher product development and manufacturing capabilities in the installation of industrial equipment, electrical instrumentation, non-standard equipment manufacturing. The company has passed IS014001: 2004 Environmental Management System certification, has a non-standard equipment manufacturing and processing base, and has a good quality, experience, equipment, state-of-the-art construction team. Over the years we undertake a more than 100 environmental pollution control projects, and achieved excellent results. And realistic scientific attitude, a state-of-the-art technology, excellent service spirit, earnestly: to undertake a project to establish a first-class image by a praise and won a number of customers, building a green home.
Maintain close technical cooperation between a long time, the company has been working with Tongji University, East China University of Technology, has laid a strong technical support for the development of my company in the field of environmental protection, in environmental engineering general contracting company Shanghai Construction Group, Shanghai Electric Group, Shanghai Pu towards the construction and installation Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhongtian Construction Group Co., Ltd., the Yangzhou Hongqi installation company and so a number of companies to maintain a good long-term cooperative relationship, has completed environmental engineering cumulative output of more than 120 million yuan, all over the country and the cause of environmental protection in Shanghai has made some contribution.
In recent years, the company has made the United States WD-40 universal anti-rust lubricant, sea Contact column products, of Lifeng series of intelligent water meter selling industrial products special agent distribution rights in recent years, with the USA and Thailand noted Seoul fan and Dengfu mechanical signing a special agent contract, to further expand the company's influence.
We sincerely hope to work together from home and abroad to welcome counterparts to visit the guide, jointly for the protection of the homeland of all mankind, to create a one day bluer, the water is greener and better tomorrow and make due contributions!

First, the design, construction:

1, environmental pollution remediation engineering design, construction, general contracting, environmental protection, environmental protection technical services, environmental pollution control facilities special run;

2, industrial equipment, electrical instrumentation, heating and cooling equipment installation;

Purification plant design and construction;

Intelligent system design and construction;

Second, business, special agent:

Distribution: fans, pumps, aeration equipment, fillers and other environmental protection equipment;

Distribution: steel, mechanical and electrical, wire and cable, lubricants, chemical raw materials and products

3, the special agent USA and Thailand noted Dole fan, Dengfu machinery import fan;

4, Special Agent U.S. WD-40 lubricant, the Shanghai Hai contact column lubricants;

5, the research and development of environmentally friendly products.